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3 Easy Ways to Connect with your Ideal Client

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Many entrepreneurs struggle in finding their ideal client, but when they do, it can still be a bit tricky to connect with them in such a way that they get to know, like, and trust you (without being “salesy”)

Here are 3 things that can help you to start connecting with your tribe today!

1. Show your Face

People buy from the person behind the brand, so try to show up every now and then to say hello.

Bonus points for showing up on a video, but if you are a bit camera shy, show a video of what you are doing (with you behind the camera) with your voice as a voice-over.

Alternatively, start with a friendly headshot of yourself, using good lighting. Upload it to your Social Media accounts as a post/video, introducing yourself.

2. Add Value

This an important one to take note of because we tend to forget to give our tribe something that will make their lives easier. We tend to focus on what is in it for us.

Adding value to someone’s life will not only help them to overcome their pain points, it will help them to get to know you a little better (your service/product), they will get to like you, and ultimately build trust in this relationship.

3. Be Authentic

This concept is sometimes also a difficult idea to grasp because we don’t want to blabber our personal lives out on the world wide web. AND we tend to want people not to see the mistakes, but the perfect world that we live in.

But sis, I have news for you. If you are showing yourself and your brand as the perfect, faultless life (perfect hair, never seen without make-up, always smiling), you will struggle to connect with your tribe. Because you know what?

They want to feel the real you behind the video with less-than perfect surroundings, the office space that you are sharing with your kids, and the less-than perfect planning that you might have in your busy day. Life happens. To everyone. And it is okay.

And that, my friends, are your golden tickets to ultimately make sales to your tribe, the people who need you and cannot live without what you have to offer.

This month I want to challenge you to try to think of the three ways that you can connect authentically. Which one do you feel up to trying first?

I encourage you to show your face, give your tribe some value and just be yourself... they will love you, I promise!



PS: If you want to learn more about how to brand yourself on Instagram like a boss, without feeling overwhelmed, click here

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