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Holding Your Chin High

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Most of us grew up with this idea that “if we follow a certain recipe, that’s when we know we will succeed in life”.

But heaven forbid, if we step out of those boundaries, and the recipe of life is not followed, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are on your own. You are throwing yourself in life’s uncertainty, whether willingly or not.

What if I tell you that most successful people never fit into a mould, but keep pushing the boundaries? That they write their own success stories and rarely follow the recipes that the so-called success path told them to follow?

What most of us don’t know about these people is that they failed so many times before they actually became successful. And the fact is that they had to create truck-loads of sub-standard ideas/content/paintings/articles/posts before launching their first successful one.

There is no magic wand, unfortunately. Like with most things in life, it takes practice! But most importantly, it takes courage.

Courage to show up and get it done!

Courage to accept that you are good enough!

Courage to believe in yourself!

Courage to not being too precious and protective about your work, and understanding and accepting that you’ll have to hit the delete button OFTEN!

Courage to try and make a difference in, at least, one person’s life at a time, because you KNOW that it will cause a ripple effect, inevitably spreading through the community...and then fill the world with positivity.

If you can only focus to change the life of one individual today, you have been a success!

This month, challenge yourself and go out there and show them! Be courageous! You can do it, because YOU ARE ENOUGH!



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